About LAO'D Productions

LAO’D Productions is a wife and wife team that specializes in videography, photography, editing and promotional content. Our ethos focuses on empowering our clients to express their most authentic selves by creating unique and inspiring images and videos. Through building a sense of community and collaboration with our clients, we foster an environment that enables us to push creative boundaries. Ultimately, LAO’D Productions aims to create images that highlight diversity, and include those who have traditionally been excluded from mainstream media. 

Meet the team:

Tinna Khamphasouk 
Creative Director/ CEO 

Tinna is the creative force behind LAO’D Productions, driven by a desire to collaborate with artists to produce content that empowers them to express themselves with a deep sense of pride. Tinna’s sheer passion for photography and videography has resulted in her spending the last four years rigorously developing her skills and knowledge, and she continues to challenge herself to innovate with each new project.

Tinna’s intersectional identity resulted in her desire to create content that highlighted the diversity she felt was lacking from mainstream media. As a queer, first generation Lao-Canadian, Tinna grew up searching for people in media with whom she could relate. Finding that such representation did not exist, she felt compelled to hide her true self, in order to adhere to the prescribed societal norms. Several years ago, feeling that she had finally become her authentic self, Tinna decided to follow her passion, and pursue photography and videography as her life’s work. 

Rachael Khamphasouk
Production Coordinator 

Rachael is LAO’D Productions behind the scenes production coordinator, and Tinna’s wife. Rachael was born and raised in Yukon, and her love of photography began with capturing images of wildlife. Rachael is Tinna’s sounding board, and works with her to finesse her projects and create innovative new projects.

The Name

Pronounced "Loud", the name “LAO'D Productions” pays tribute to Tinna’s heritage. Tinna’s parents came to Canada as refugees from Laos, and Tinna still feels a deep connection to her culture and Lao heritage.



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